Clothing style in Cambodia

In Cambodia the traditional wearing can be mentioned as checkered scarf. This is usually called as Krama. The Krama clearly separates the Khmer from the Thai, the Vietnamese and also the Laotians. The scarf can be used for many purposes one of which is style. The scarf also helps to protect the person from the sun. This can be a perfect aid for your feet when climbing trees. Scarfs can sometimes be a hammock for infants. It can also be used as a towel or as a ‘sarong’. A ‘krama’ can easily be shaped into a small child’s doll. It can be seen that under the Khmer Rouge, krama of different patterns were an inseparable part of the standard clothing.

Cambodia has some other traditional costume such as Sampot. Most of the Cambodians wore it since Funan era. This costume is known to be influenced from China. The clothing of Khmer People also changed. Over a period of time everything changed and the change is for good. In earlier Angkor and Funan Era, a strong invasion of Hinduism was there. This was followed by Cambodian to have upper naked. They wear Sampot and jewelry like Bracelets and something very especial looks collar like Sarong Kor. This was a symbol to Hinduism.

After some time when the effect of Hinduism decreased and Buddhism started leading the country, at that time Khmer people started wearing the shirt, Blouse, and Trouser. The dressing was completely in Khmer style. Both average as well as Royal khmer people ignore wearing Hinduism’s Collar. They start using shawl like Sbai with beautiful decoration.

Cambodians still like religion style of Clothing. Some Khmer men and women are seen with Buddha pendant. They wear it in a necklace fashion. The uses of these pendants are different, some are used for the protection from evil spirits while some are used to bring good luck.

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